Verified Work for Hirers

Save money by increasing your developers' productivity

With PayNinja, your developers are incentivized to focus and stay away from social media and other distractions. It drastically improves their productivity and saves you a lot of money.

Feel safe knowing your developers are billing you correctly

Don’t suspiciously check screen captures when your developer bills you more than usual. Instead, let our AI verify the working hours for you and generate an invoice accordingly.

Automate your freelancer payments with peace of mind

Automatically pay all your freelancers from a single platform after we verify their work or choose to release the payment yourself with a click of a button. PayNinja collects invoices for you after each and every payment.

My developer costs went down by $1300 this month all thanks to verified payments.

Lucero Soria
Director at Flame3 Software

Get billed correctly.