Who is PayNinja

Our Mission

At PayNinja, we believe the future of work is independent and decentralized, and that there is a better way to manage and pay freelancers across the world. Our mission is to enable any company to know their freelancers have done the work and get paid accordingly, on time – every time. Through our technology and our people, we strive to help companies and freelancers attain a more productive, efficient and equitable future for all.

How we got here

PayNinja was born out of the frustration experienced by our co-founders, Nathan and Marisol when managing freelancers worldwide. As entrepreneurs, they used a combination of outsourcing, automation and mobile technology to build, operate and grow their businesses. At any point in time, they would hire teams of up to 30 freelancers: freelance engineers/developers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, copywriters, marketers. Yet this way of working caused them to spend all their time coordinating and worrying instead of doing what they loved most: designing and developing beautiful software. Everything from checking the work had been done, going through hundred of screen captures and time sheets every week, organising payments across multiple platforms and paying ridiculous fees to marketplaces was painful. Having spent over 15 years dealing with these pains, they knew what had to be done to make the process of managing and paying freelancers across the globe more efficient and fair. So they joined the H2 Accelerator in Sydney and set out to solve a problem.

Help make the future of work fair and efficient.

Leadership Team

Nathan Challen


Nathan is PayNinja’s co-founder and Chief Technologist. He is an experienced and passionate entrepreneur, who is highly regarded as a technology innovator. A software engineer by trade, he experienced first hand the pain involved in trying to manage, work with and pay freelancers. In 2017, together with his co-founder Marisol were accepted into renowned Australian H2 Fintech Accelerator where they set out to solve this massive global problem.

Marisol Challen


Marisol is PayNinja’s co-founder and Chief of Operations. Together with Nathan, she experienced first hand the pain of managing and paying freelancers, in particular, not knowing if the hours they paid developers each week were actually what they had worked. With a background in engineering, science and education Marisol ensures everything runs smoothly while keeping in daily conversation with our PayNinja users.


Toby Heap

Artificial Intelligence

Founding Partner at H2 Ventures. A scientist, startup founder and now turned investor, Toby's wealth of knowledge and expertise makes a dream fit to head up our artificial intelligence and innovation board.

Ben Heap


Founding Partner at H2 Ventures. As a former Managing Director at UBS Global Asset Management, and with his commitment to fostering innovation in startups, Ben is 'the man' when it comes to strategic and financial advice.

Geoff Masters

Business Development

Chairman at SystemsGo Corporation. A highly experienced businessman, leader and strategist, Geoff has lead software companies in the Asia Pacific region to success for the past 30 years and keeps us on track.

David Novakovic


Founding software engineer at We are Hunted. David is an award winner data scientist who is highly regarded as a startup innovator, data and analytics product specialist with interests in AI, NLP, ML and blockchain.