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Free for small teams. Priced as you grow.

Beta Offer: For a limited time get $0 service fees for life on all contracts entered into during our beta period*

*Payment gateway fees still apply.

  • Starter

  • % 0
    / contract
  • Free for up to 3 contracts

    Choose hourly rate, periodic payment, milestones and deliverables contract options

  • Pro

  • % 5
    / contract
  • Unlimited contracts

    Includes AI-improved time tracking and work verification

  • Enterprise

  • % POA
  •  For large teams

    Customisable to better help companies manage teams at scale

Starter features

  • Time, tasks and projects tracking
  • Screenshots, mouse and keyboard activity
  • Websites and apps tracking
  • Source code tracking
  • Trello, GitHub and Bitbucket integrations
  • 14 days tracking history
  • Live chat support

Pro features

  • Everything in Starter
  • Automated time sheets and invoices
  • Secure pre-funded smart contracts
  • Release payments automatically with verified work
  • Pay with PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin*
  • 90 days of tracking history
  • Phone support in business hours

Pricing FAQs

How are my 3 contracts counted?

Once you reach your plans limit of contracts you will either have to close old contracts in order to open a new one or upgrade your plan. Only jobs you create as a hirer will be counted towards your plans total, accepting jobs from others is not counted in your plans total contracts.

Does my client need to pay? Does my freelancer need to pay?

In either case, the other party can simply use the Starter plan for free.  Should the other party create more than 3 contracts then they will need to upgrade to Pro.

How much will the total cost of my project be?

When you opt for PayNinja to automatically validate work, secure the funds, automate your invoicing and payment the total cost of each transaction will have added our transaction fee.

How do I pay my freelancer?

When the contract is accepted you will receive a fund project link. The link will open in PayNinja for you to select your method of payment.

How do I know my freelancer is billing me correctly?

The PayNinja monitor tracks your contractors activity while they are working on your tasks. Our AI algorithm checks that the hours worked match the work activity and will inform you of hours that require your decision to pay.

Can I use AI-improved tracking on deliverable contracts?

We recommend using tracking on all types of contracts. This helps you to accumulate hours worked on the given technology and ensure “fair” payment in the event of a dispute.

Do I need to pre-fund the job?

No. Pre-funding the job gives the contractor peace of mind that they will get paid. However, the contractor can start work without the job been pre-funded and risk not getting paid. This may cause delays when payment falls due and affect project continuity.

Still not sure?