Perfect for managing freelance developers and remote teams

Payments are governed by smart contracts so you only pay for actual code committed, features made and hours worked.

Super low transaction fees and fast payments. Pay globally either using fiat currency or major cryptocurrencies.

Manage projects, assign workers to tasks and track progress with the GitHub, BitBucket and Trello integrations.

Access screenshots, keystrokes, apps used and code committed at any time for an easy dispute resolution.

Save money. Make sure your freelancers are billing you correctly.

Increase your team’s productivity. With our AI-powered work monitoring app, freelancers are incentivized to focus and stay away from social media and other distractions.

PayNinja drastically improves productivity and saves you money. You will never have to pay for getting lost on Reddit or watching Game of Thrones again.

How It Saves You Money

Monitors Hours Worked

Freelancers install the PayNinja tracking app that sits in the background. The app takes screen captures, monitors keystrokes and apps used.

Verifies the Work

PayNinja can track the code developers commit to the connected source code repository like BitBucket and GitHub. Then our AI checks hours worked and verifies if the freelancer worked on the code he was hired to work on. Based on that, we calculate the amount that should be paid out to your developer.

Automates Payments and Invoices

PayNinja generates an invoice and releases the payment from your pre-funded account according to the terms of the smart contract.

Minimizes Disputes

All the freelancer records - keystrokes, screen captures, apps used and code committed are kept and any discrepancies sent to the hirer in case of disputes.

Get billed correctly.

Don't spend your time managing freelancers.

Automate all the admin process around freelancer management and focus on what’s important.

PayNinja provides you with one simple and secure platform to onboard, manage and pay your existing team of global freelancers. Know what everyone is working on, collaborate using Slack, Skype or Trello and automate payments using fiat currency or the cryptocurrency of choice with peace of mind you only pay for actual work.

How It Saves You Time

Forget spreadsheets and email. Bring all your contracts, projects and workers into one place.

Creating contracts with PayNinja is quick and simple. Setup projects with tasks and milestones. Check the status of your projects at a glance thanks to an intuitive UI.

Forget about verifying work.

PayNinja’s AI is monitoring keystrokes, apps used, websites visited, code commits and keeping a record to automatically verify the work so you have more time to do what actually matters.

Forget about payments - they are released automatically.

Or if you prefer – release the payment yourself at the click of a button, once work is verified.

Forget about collecting invoices.

Don’t waste time on paperwork. PayNinja automatically handles and stores all the invoices for you in one easily-accessible place after each and every payment.

Start your project in 3 easy steps

Get started

Create a job

Create a job and invite a freelancer or client via a simple and unique link. You will be able to quickly get people signed up, assign them work and collaborate.

Fund the project

The payment for the job is pre-funded using a smart contract so the freelancer can trust they will get paid on time if they've done the work.

We'll take care of the rest

When the work is verified by our machine learning algorithm, the correct amount is released by the payment method of choice.

Get started now for free.

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