A new way of working and paying.

Sound Familiar?

lisa hirer

what am i paying for?

hmm is he really working?

i just want all my
freelancers in a single app
so i can track each contract
and pay on time.

rob freelancer

where is my payment?

did you check that work I sent you?

i just need an app that proves
the hours i have worked,
invoices my clients for me
and ensures i get paid.

no, we are not another upwork emoj

  • PayNinja is not a freelance marketplace;
  • you bring your own people. quick and easy.
  • create a job, share it, start the tools.
  • hours are tracked and invoiced.
  • PayNinja is fair.
  • fees;
  • 2.5% for hirers and 2.5% for freelancers,
  • disputes;
  • solved by you - the community,
  • get rewards;
  • that’s it.

questions? ask away ->


yes! we are tokenizing

  • real time cross border payments
  • earn PayNinja tokens
  • true decentralized community arbitration
  • the PayNinja A.I. oracle checks the work so you don’t have to

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