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Get your team started

Monitor hours worked

Get daily updates

Know how time is spent

We take care of the rest

Step I 1

Get your team started

Create a job to send to your freelance developers via email or chat. Your team will quickly and easily create a PayNinja account with their names, email addresses and passwords to view and accept the job.

Step I 2

Monitor hours worked

Once your freelancers accept the job, they install the PayNinja tracking app that sits in the background. The app takes screen captures, monitors keystrokes and apps used while they work on your project.

Step I 3

Get daily project updates

At the end of each working day your freelancers document their wins/challenges to send to you. This information helps keep your project on schedule and within budget as you make sure your team have all they need to maximise productivity.

Step I 4

Know how time is spent

Ever get to the end of the week and think: “Did we really get anywhere with this project?” PayNinja tracks which activities are costing your team more time to help you allocate resources where they are most needed.

Step I 5

We take care of the rest

For hourly contracts, the hours your freelancers have worked are calculated and an invoice generated. Then payment is released from your pre-funded account. You receive a neatly packaged block of screenshots to review before payment is made when a freelancer is found to be off-track.

Powerful Features

Using PayNinja you save time and money by automating all the admin process while keeping your team on track

Increases productivity

Your developers are incentivized to focus and stay away from social media and other distractions. It drastically improves their productivity and saves you a lot of money.

Verifies working hours

Don’t suspiciously check screen captures when your developer bills you more than usual. Instead, let our AI verify the working hours for you and generate an invoice accordingly.

Automates global payments

Automatically pay all your freelancers from a single platform after we verify their work - or choose to release the payment yourself with a click of a button.

My developer costs went down by $1300 this month all thanks to verified payments.

Lucero Soria
Director at Flame3 Software

Don’t manage your freelancers. Let PayNinja do it for you.