FAQs for Freelancers

Getting Started

Joining PayNinja

Sign up with your name, email and password.

Create a job to send to a client

Create a job in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign in with your name, email and password.
  2. Click either on the ‘Contractor tab’ and create a job.
  3. Share the link with your hirer via chat or email for review and acceptance.
Start working on a job

You may start work from the moment the job is being accepted.


Create your freelancer account

With PayNinja you get started right away. Your name, email and password are all you need to set up your account.

How do I change my password?

To reset your password send an email to support@payninja.co. We will reply within 24 hrs.

Connect your source code repository

When creating a job, you will be prompted to connect the job to your existing source code repository.


Who can see my profile?

No one. PayNinja has private profiles which means only yourself and the hirers you invite are able to see your profile and any other content on your account.

Can anyone contact my client?

No. PayNinja is focused on managing your existing hirers and no one outside your team will see your hirers or any other content on your account.

Moreover, hirers are not able to see other freelancers on PayNinja or other hirers’ profiles.


A client sent me a job invite, How do I accept it?

Your hirer will send you a job invite either via email or chat.


  1. Click on the link to see the job description.
  2. If you have already created an account, sign in and accept the job.
  3. Otherwise, sign up with your name, email and password to get access to the platform and accept the job.

Note: hirers may ask you to create a job on their behalf.  To do this, sign up to PayNinja, create the job and send the link to your hirer for their approval.

How do I delete/edit a task?

Deleting/Editing jobs can cause a great deal of important information to be lost. For this reason, we don’t allow users to delete/edit jobs that have been created directly from the app. Instead choose one of these options:

  1. If you have already sent the link to your hirer, alert them to ignore the link and not accept the job.
  2. Create a new job with the edits required and send the new link to your hirer.
Managing my projects

PayNinja allows you to manage multiple hirers and jobs from a single platform. Once the jobs have been accepted they will appear in your dashboard as individual jobs.

Please make sure you select the right job you are working, specially for hourly tracked project that require activation of the PayNinja monitor.


How do I create an invoice?

You do not need to create invoices. PayNinja automatically generates invoices on your behalf and forwards them to your hirer.

How will I get paid by my clients?

This depending on the contract type selected when creating the job.  You will get paid either:

  1. Per hour – you will receive payment each week.
  2. Milestones – upon deliverables specified in the contract.
  3. Periodic – either weekly or fortnightly payments.
  4. Single payment – one lump sump upon job completion and delivery.
Getting paid in crypto-currencies

Payment options are available when creating a job. You can choose to get paid in your local currency or one of the following cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin.


How do I know if a client has funded a job?

You will receive an email notifying you the job has been funded.

What fees do I have to pay as a freelancer?

We are currently in beta which means you get to use PayNinja free of charge (except for payment gateway fees).

Getting paid for hourly contracts

Hourly contracts require you download, install and activate the PayNinja time-tracking app each time you are working on the specific job.

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