Token Sale Event

Introducing the Intransic platform – Decentralised Payments for Distributed Teams.

PayNinja is a working proof-of-concept to demonstrate our vision for a peer-to-peer payments app.


What is Intransic?

Intransic is the world’s first decentralised workforce management platform that verifies work.  It incorporates AI-improved time tracking and work verification with the core benefits of blockchain technology. Intransic uses INX tokens to incentivise the community to moderate the work and train our AI algorithm.

What problems does Intransic solve?

Intransic solves two critical problems simultaneously. First, it solves the issue of trust when managing and paying contractors spread across multiple geographical boundaries, currencies and time zones. Second, it automates processes around contractor management, payment and invoices.


Only a decentralised model for payments with a large and active community can effectively solve these issues. For this reason, one of the main objectives of this Token Sale is to attract new users to our system.


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