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Have questions as a client?

Check out the support page dedicated to companies.

Have questions as a freelancer?

Check out the support page dedicated to freelancers.

How do I get started using PayNinja?

During our beta period access to the platform is by invitation only. To receive an invitation, go to our beta sign up page and register.

If you qualify for early access, we will let you know via email.

Who can see my profile?

No one. PayNinja has private profiles which means only yourself and those you invite are able to see your profile and any other content on your account.

Can I use PayNinja if I'm both, a hirer and a freelancer?

Yes. You can switch modes using the drop down arrow near your name.
All screens in the dashboard will update for the mode selected.

What type of projects can I bring onto PayNinja?

All types of projects can be managed through PayNinja. Our AI algorithm is constantly being improved to suit different job types. At this time, software projects offer the fullest coverage.

What is a difference between a freelancer marketplace and a freelancer payments platform?

A freelancer marketplace is a platform where freelancers find hirers and hirers find freelancers.

In contrast, a freelancer payments platform requires both freelancers and hirers to have pre-existing relationships outside the platform. Hirers are not seeking talent; instead they want a better way to manage and pay their existing team of global freelancers.  Freelancers are not seeking work; they already have their clients but they want to get paid instantly without chasing payment plus have all their clients/projects in one single platform.

How does PayNinja verify work?

For software development projects, PayNinja tracks the code developers commit to the connected source code repository like BitBucket and GitHub. Then our AI checks hours worked and verifies if the freelancer worked on the code he was hired to work on. Based on that, we calculate the amount that should be paid out to your developer.

Are all types of work verified?

No. At this stage only work related to software development contracts is verified. However, you can still use PayNinja for other job types and manually approving the payment.

Can I use PayNinja anywhere in the world?

Yes, as long as PayPal or Coinbase are allowed in those countries.

Does PayNinja handle multicurrencies?

Yes. Freelancers will receive payment in their local currency or in the cryptocurrency specified in the contract.

Do I need a non-disclosure agreement?

No. Whether you engage a single independent contractor or an outsourcing company to complete a job through PayNinja, the good news is that confidential information is covered in the PayNinja ‘Terms of Service’. The Terms state that hirers and freelancers are bound to three mutual obligations:

  1. Not disclose any confidential information supplied to it by the other to a third party without first obtaining written permission
  2. Not use any such confidential information for its own purposes (other than to fulfil the contract)
  3. Only disclose the information to those of its personnel that need access to it in order to complete the contract.

If you have questions, seek legal advice before proceeding.

How do I protect my intellectual property (IP)?

An Intellectual Property Assignment agreement (also known as IP Transfer agreement or IP Deed of Assignment) is the most common tool to help protect your intellectual property. This document must be fully executed before a freelancer starts work on PayNinja to ensure the transfer of ownership between one party to another. You may contact a legal firm to draft one for you.

What types of contracts can I use?

When you create a job, you choose from a number of contract types: Periodic, Milestone, Single, Per hour (tracked/untracked).

How do I communicate with my freelancers/hirers?

With PayNinja you communicate using your existing tools like Skype or Slack allowing a seamless transition with your freelancers/hirers. Coming soon: integrations with Trello and Slack.

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a self-executing program that uses blockchain (distributed ledger technology) to store rules for a particular transaction, verify the request, and execute the agreed terms. Click to read our “Smart Contracts 101” blog post.

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