A smarter way of working and paying.

    Sound Familiar?

    chris contractor

    what did I get done today?

    ... I started working for myself to do better work, earn more and work a little less - not more.

    erika client

    what's happening?

    ... my team is all over the world. I need an app to see what everyone is working on.

    win back time

    productivity . payment . protection

    ... best of all, PayNinja is free to use and has no fees.

    not another freelance marketplace emoj

    • PayNinja is not a place to find work;
    • you bring your own people.
    • create projects, collaborate, get paid.
    • hours can be tracked; and
    • automatically invoiced.
    • payments are made outside the app
    • with the payment method of your choice.
    • learn how you spent your time,
    • screen by screen.
    • so you earn more; and
    • work a little less - not more.

    blockchain roadmap

    • low fee & instant cross-border payments
    • earn PayNinja tokens
    • decentralized community arbitration
    • an A.I. oracle checks the work so you don’t have to

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